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Euchre Game - THE LlLiAJJiiL,k'JtA. lis Q UlHKH fciUK DAY...
THE LlLiAJJiiL,k'JtA. lis Q UlHKH fciUK DAY MOKxMING, NO - Vanux-em Col-irate, 15,-000 j 8 Sto-vell, An-denried, Ly-dia Miss Margaret Butcher," to society. The house was handsomely decorated with chrysanthemums and ferns. The debutante was assisted in receiving by Miss Lydia Starr, Miss Morris, Miss Margaret Keen, Miss Lucy Holland, Miss Edith Steel and Miss Nannie Firth. Among the guests were Dr. and Mrs. Chester Morris, Mr. William Lloyd, Mrs. C. Patterson, Mrs. Stuart Patterson, Mrs. Arthur H. Lee, Dr. and Mrs. Moss, the Misses Moss. Miss Inez Kempton, Miss Sims, Mr. ana Mrs. John Sims, Mr. D. B. Merrick, the Misses Wetherbee, Mr. M. Scudder, of Boston; Mr. Rowland Morgan, Mr. El-dridge Morgan, Mr. Barker Aleller, Mr. W. Thomas, Mr. Theodore Starr, Mr. W. Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wetherlee, Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mellor and Mr. and Mrs. Merrick. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Childs-Drexel gave a theatre party last night,- preceded by a dinber. The guests were Mr. and .Mrs. William Prescott Hunt and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mather Smith, of Chicago: Miss Eleanor Willing, Miss Margaret Thouron, Miss Elizabeth L. Cochran, Major Spencer Cosby, Mr. John Childs-Anderson and Mr. Frederick R. Meigs. A luncheon was given on Wednesday by Mrs. Clement A. Griscom, at her country place, "Dolobran," Haverford, in honor of Miss Frances C. Griscom. Mrs. Griscom also gave a dinner on Monday evening for her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Valentine are entertaining a house party at their country place, "Highland Farm," near Bryn Mawr. Among the guests are Miss Berthe Churchman, Miss Laura Whelen, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Townsend, Mr. Charles R. Snow-den, Major Spencer Cosby and Mr. George L. Harrison, Jr. Mr. Edmund D. Lewis gave a large musicale on Wednesday afternoon, at his residence. 30 South Twentv-second street. Mr. Lewis was assisted in receiving his guests dv nis sister, Mrs. Connor, Mr. Frederic T. Mason. Mrs. John Easby, Mrs. Clifford Lewjls and Mrs. Hale. Some of those present were Mrs. Cornelius Stevenson, Airs. Horace Binney Hare, Mrs. Persifor Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander Reilly, Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Piatt, Mr. and Mrs. W. Barklie Henry, Mr. and Mrs. William Lyttleton Savage, Miss Ruth Snyder, Miss Sophia Cadwalader, Miss Mabel Ashhurst, the Misses Wister, Miss Balch, Miss Keim, Miss Margaret Shlppen. Miss Beale, Mr. Daniel Holsman, Mr. J. Dundas Lippin-cott, Mr. Byerly Hart, Mr. William Elliott, Mr. Chas. Keith and Dr. Cleeman. Mrs. Elizabeth I.' Taylor, of Nashville, Tenn., who has been visiting New York and other Eastern cities for some months, is a guest of the family of Dr. John W. Turner, at 4433 Chestnut street. Mrs. John W. Turner will be at home on Friday afternoons during the winter. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Good and daughter will move to the Newport, Sixteenth and Spruce streets, about December 10. Mrs. Good and Miss O. Good have just returned from a visit t6New York. Mr. Malcolm Webster 6pent Thanksgiving with his father, Dr. Webster, on Maryland avenue, Atlantic City. Miss Webster is visiting friends in New York. Coming Events M' RS. THOMAS A. SCOTT has sent out invitations ..for the wedding of Miss Helen Douglas Bickley to Mr. Edward Sydenham Pace on Thursday, Decem ber 8. at noon, in St. James' Protestant. Episcopal Church. A breakfast follows at Mrs. Scott's residence, on Rittenhouse Square. It is understood that the date of the ball to be given by Mr. and Mrs. Clement A. Griscom m honor of their daughter, Miss Frances Griscom, is on January 7. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Baird and Miss Fanny Baird give a tea at the Stratford on the afternoon of December 6. A dinner follows for the receiving party and a number of friends. Mrs. Byerly Hart will entertain with a series of bi-monthly luncheons during the season at her house, on South Twenty-first street. The first was held yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Little, of Greene street, Germantown, will give a tea on Thursday afternoon, December 8, from 4 until 6 o'clock, in honor of their daughter, Miss Little. Mrs. John E. Jeffords and Miss Marguerite Jeffords have issued invitations for a tea on Wednesday, December 14, from 4 until 7 o'clock, at their residence, 2027 Walnut street. Mrs. Rodman Wister will give a small party at her residence, 1014 Spruce street, on Saturday. December 3, in honor of Miss Emily Pepper. Mr., and Mrs. Richard Peters, Jr., will give an afternoon tea at the Stratford on December 12 for their daughter, Miss Ethel Peters, who is a debutante this season. Mrs. Norman Jackson, of 1009 Pine street, will entertain a number of friends at dinner on Saturday, December 3, to meet Mrs. Wheatland, of Boston. : Mr. and Mrs. William Penn Troth, Jr., will receive Tuesday afternoons in December, from 3 until 6, at their residence, 2027 Spruce street. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander Reilly have sent out invitations for a dinner on December 17. Mr. John H. Catherwood and the Misses Catherwood, of 2112 Walnut street, will be at home on Fridays, .December 2 and 9, from 4 until 6 o'cloct. The card of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Cummins Catherwood is inclosed. Mrs. George B. AlcCulloh will give a tea next Saturday afternoon at her residence, on Locust street, above Twentv-second, for Miss Josephine McCulloh, who is a debutante this season. She will be assisted in receiving by Miss Sara Skipwith Cannell. Members of the Union League have been invited to join in giving a dinner on Thursday evening, December 1, at 6.30 o'clock, at the Union League Club house, to Mr. William W. Porter, who has been recently elected to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. The invitations are issued in the names of Mr. R. Dale Benson, Mr. Lincoln Godfrey, Mr. John H. Michener, H. Chapman Mitchell, Mr. Joseph G. Darlington, Mr. Effingham B. Morris, Mr. Harry F. West, Mr. George D. AIc-Creary, Air. William R. Nicholson, Mr. Joseph T. Bailey, Mr. J. Albert Caldwell, Mr. John Sailer, Mr. Henry C. Davis, Mr. George P. Morgan, Mr. Joseph de F. Junkin, Air. Joseph M.-Huston, Dr. J. D. Thomas, Dr. Daniel Neal McQuillen and Mr. Robert E. Altemus. Mrs. Augustus H. Richards has sent out invitations for the marriage of her daughter. Miss Mary Lippincott Richards, to Dr. J. Burney Taylor, which will be solemnized on Wednesday, December 7, at noon, in St. Mary's Church, Thirty-ninth and Locust streets. Miss Anna Magee has sent out cards for a luncheon on December 3 in honor of Miss Frances Hopkinson. Mrs. Thomas Burnside Morns, Miss Morris and Miss Anna Lloyd Morris will receive on Saturday afternoons, December 3 and 10, from 4 until 6 o'clock, at their residence, 241 South Twenty-first street. The cards are inclosed of the Bishop of Oregon and Mrs. Morris, Miss Louisa Morris and Roland Sletor Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis Ashhurst and the Misess Ashhurst have sent out invitations for a tea on Friday, December 2, from 4 until 7, at 2204 Walnut street. Mrs. Percy Heilner and the Misses Heil-ner will receive Thursday afternoon, December 1, from 5 until 7 o'clock, 4207 Walnut street. The card of Mrs. Samuel Heilner is inclosed. Mr. and Mrs. H. Skipwith Cannell and Miss Sara Skipwith Cannell, 2212 Locust street, have sent out cards for a tea Sat urday, December 10, from 3 until 7. Mrs. Franklin Lanier Craven's card is inclosed. Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Potter, Miss Potter and Miss Phoebe Byerly Potter have issued invitations for a reception Saturday evening, December 3, from 8 until 11 o'clock, at their residence, 121 West Cheltea avenue, Germantown. The card of Mrs. Alexander Barrie is inclosed. Mrs. Barrie will receive on the first and third Thursdays of each month at her residence, 2424 Spruce street. ' Mr. and Mrs. Byran P. Moulton, of Old Oakes, Rosemont, will give a tea Wednesday, December 7, from 5 until 7 o'clock, at the Stratford. Mrs. James Mauran Rhodes will give a dinner to over fortv people at the Strat- lord on lhursday, December 1, after the reception for her daughter, Miss Elizabeth McKean Rhodes, one of the year's debutantes. The annual dance of the Bachelors of the Catholic Club of Philadelphia will be fiven in Horticultural Hall on Wednes-ay evening, January 11. Mrs. S. V. Guillou, the Misses Guillou and Miss Julia V. Guillou will give a tea on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 6, from 4 until 7 o'clock, at their residence, 107 South Forty-first street. Mr. and Mrs. Greville Edward Fryer and Miss Fryer will be at home on Wednesdays in January, from 4 until 7 o'clock, at 2305 De Lancey place. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Butcher and Miss Margaret Butcher, 3905 Walnut street, will give a tea next Friday afternoon from 5 until 7 o'clock. Mrs. William R. Downs, of West Pine street, has sent out cards for an afternoon tea in honor of Mrs. Charles Bates, of Boston, on Friday, December 2. Gretna Clover Assembly held its annual reception and dance Monday evening at the Casino, Thirteenth street, above Gi-rard avenue. Among those present were Miss Carrie Spaeter, Miss Jessie Frances Ashbridge, Misa Elizabeth Nahm, Miss Minnie Benton, Miss Nanette Stuvens, Miss Carrie Halthause, Miss Mina Smeal, Miss Virginia Shaeffer, Miss Anna Greer, Miss Theressa Kolb, Miss Clare Bennett. Miss May Upperman, Miss Dunlap, Miss .Benson, Miss Bossier, Air. Philip .spaeter, Jr., Mr. Lewis Weir, Mr. Chauncey Winter, Mr. Augustus Edgar, Mr. Henry Kolb, Mr. Harry Benton, Mr. Clarence Hamilton, Mr. Charles Orr, Mr. Harry Benson, Mr. Henry Emack, Mr. Maurice Benton, Mr. George Neisser, Mr. George Nahm, Mr. Dunlap, Mr. uohn Yeager, MRS. D. WEBSTER DOUGHERTY Air. Alartin, Air. Hintsch, Mr. Richard Aloyer. The Woodside Social gsnre a supper at the residence of Aliss Lillian Everhart, 2658 North Twenty-seventh street, on Thursday evening. Among those present were Aliss Lillian Everhart, Aliss Maggie Puser, Miss Alammie Beotcher, Aliss Sadie Carman, Aliss Anna Jones, Aliss Florence Trainer, Aliss EUa Vandergrift, Aliss Laura Roesch, Air. and Airs. Redlon, Air. Or-ville Lamb, Air. George Detwiler, Air. Leo Hedelt, Air. George Hunt, Air. Harmon Everhart, Air. G. Christmann, Air. Harry C. Rae and Air. John Al. Hague. A delightful reception was given by Air. and Airs. Charles W. WThite on Tuesday evening at their residence on Delaware avenue. Norwood, Pa., in celebration of the eighteenth birthday of their daughter. Miss Mamie A. White. Very many beautiful presents were received by Aliss "White from a large circle of friends. Among those who attended were Messrs. J. W. Austin, Wilson B. Burton, Geo. W. Chambers, J. H. Calhoun, H. B. Davis, Samuel R. Henry. Frank Harrison, Willie R. Kree-ger, Thos. W. Parkinson. Paul AI. Taylor, Theo. W. Taylor and W. P. Bates, of Norwood; Alessrs. Downs, Francis - L. Borie. Wm. H. E. White, Geo. F. Alan-ning, W. AI. Aliller, A. Wesley Aliller and G. A. Pearson, of Philadelphia; Air. Turner, of Chester; and Air. Benj. S. Dor: 6ett, of Camden, N. J.: Air. and Airs. J. E. Parker, Air. and Airs. D. H. Collins and Air. and Airs. A. L. Austin, of Norwood; Air. and Airs. C. V. B. Getty, of Aloore; Airs. Charles Voelker, of Aaams ford, and Air. and Airs. Geo. Conover, of Philadelphia. The Alisses Delia AI. Austin, AI. Eva dinger, AI. Agnes Dukes. Eva M. Duffee. L. Anna Durlee, Sara Davis, Laura Hofmann, Lottie E. Hinkson, L. C. Kreeger, Eva A. Patterson, A. AI. Taylor, of Norwood; Aliss H. E. Wunder-lich, of Aloore; the Alisses E. L. Borie, J. E. Borie, A. Alae Borie, L H. Alanning, F. E. Palmer, S. E. Pollock, F. C. Wayne and A. Anderson. rf Philadelphia; Aliss AI. A. Callanan. oi Chester: Aliss F. M. Somerset, of Collinu-dale; Aliss L. V. Voelker, "of Adamsford, and Aliss E. C. Smith, of Collingswood, New Jersey. Airs. Jacob Graef, of Heiskel street, Germantown, gave a progressive euchre party in honor of her niece, Aliss Florence Alay Alitchel, of Baltimore, Aid. The ladies' first prize, a handsome hand mirror, was won bv Miss Lillian Lukens: the second, a magnificent centre piece, was. won by Miss Alice Bradshaw. The gentlemen s first prize, a pair of gold link buttons, was won by Mr. Harry L. Pepper; the second, a pocket knife, had to be drawn for and was won by Mr. Joseph A. Sommer. Those who attended were: Miss Lillian Lukens, Mr. Jacob Graef, Jr., Miss Anna Bradshaw, Mr. Walter G. j Martin, Miss Mae Yeager, Mr. Harry ! Lippincott, Miss Clara Beyslar, Mr. i Claude Graef ; Miss Alice Bradshaw, Mr. Joseph A. Sommer, Miss Beatrice Buffer-iner, of New York, Mr. Fred Whitlock, Miss Emily Harris, of Baltimore, Aid., Mr. Harry L. Pepper, Miss Lillian Bradshaw, Dr. Clement Lawnton, Miss Margaret Stayles, of Washington, Mr. James A. Crawford; Miss Florence Mitchal, Mr. Thomas J. Harris, Miss Florence Duncan, of Westville; Dr. Cameron Hinkle, Miss Mabel Bradshaw, Mr. James S. G. Allison, Miss Florence Beck, of Mt. Holly; Mr. John T. Bailey; Miss Emma Culbert-son, Mr. William A. F. Staar, Mrs. Bradshaw and Miss Florence May Mitchal, of Baltimore. A reception was given by Mr. and Mrs. George W. Freis at their residence, 3828 Folsom street, West Philadelphia, on Thursday evening by the George W. Freis Social. Among the guests were Mr. James Kane, Miss Tillie Binks, Mr. Neil Maguire, Miss Mary Grady, Mr. Frank Mooney. Miss Anna Brett, Mr. George Packard, Miss Jennie Holtzman, Mr. D. Shaw, Miss Florence Fox, Mr. Albert Wilson, Miss Scully, Mr. William Burke, Miss Emma Freehan, Mr. Charles Switz-er, Miss Margaret Scully, Air. Edward Switzer, Mrs. Switzer, Mr. Harry Rick-ards, Miss Mamie Switzer, Mr. William Early, Mr. Thomas Wilson, Mr. John Gillespie, Miss Kate Devlin, - Mr. Harry-Bruce, Miss McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. William Freis, Mr. Fred Edwards, Miss Sarah Brady, Mr. Harry Nolan, Miss Jennie Edwards, Mr. David Col cord, Miss Grace Binks, Mr. William Quinn, Miss May McCov, Mr. Joseph Murphy, Miss Julia Carroll, Mr. and Mrs' John Edwards, Mr. George Burnett, Mis3 Clara Ayers, Mr. William Jtveiiy, Miss Ayers, Mrs. xt. Edgley and Miss O'Connell. A receDtion and dance were civen bv the LorTaine Assembly at the home of Mrs. Lyshor, lUdb Crease street, 1 hanks-giving eve. Among those present were: Air. Magee, Aliss M. Robinson, Air. W. Brown, Aliss Orr, Air. Graham, Miss Cow-drick, Air. Alarsden, Aliss K. Robinson, Air. Anderson, Aliss Watson, Air. K. Brown, Aliss Cope, Air. Harvey, Aliss Greasley, Mr. Lock, Aliss fmlayson, Air. Berner, Aliss Wallace, Air. Young, Aliss Guy, Air. Walters, Aliss C. Berner, Air. Thomas, Aliss K. Berner, Air. Whittak-er, Aliss Young, Air. Alartin, Aliss Alar-tin, Air. Wunning, Aliss Cope, Air.- Lys- ter, Aliss Liyshon, Air. Ivison, Aliss K.ellar, Air. Alarshall, Aliss Craft, Air. Vernon, Aliss Finch, Mr. oyer, Aliss Paramore, Air. Gaynor, Aliss Buhl, Air. Lyshon, Aliss Jones, Air. Dorner and Aliss Stack-house. The Carlisle Athletic Association will give a chrysanthemum dance at Alose-bach's Hall, Thirteenth street and Girard avenue, on Wednesday evening. The fol-lowinflr ladies will act as Datronesses: Airs. John AIcGlinn, Airs. Charles E. Sheda-ker, Airs. John J. AlcConnell, Airs. Thom as Lvnch. Airs. Peter i. Aloylan, Airs. William AlcCloskey, Airs. Charles P. Don nelly, Airs. John JMoylan, 3irs. James &to-dinr-r Ouisrley. Airs. John Shields, Airs. Hugh AlcAnany. The Ball Committee is as follows: Alessrs. Eugene AlcGuckin, chair man; William AlciiUnn, Francis Aleany, Leo Gorman and Aloysius Alaguire. The Carlisle Athletic Club announces its annual chrysanthemum dance at the Casino on Wednesday evening, November 30. The following are the patronesses: Airs. John AIcGlinn, Airs. Charles Don nelly, Airs. Charles E. Shedaker, Airs. J. A. . Quigley, Airs. Hugh F. AlacAnany, Airs. P. Aloylan, Airs. John bhields. Airs, John Alcuonnell, Airs. William AlcClos key, Airs. Thomas Lynch and Airs. John Alovlan. The dance is in charge of the Entertainment Committee, comprising Alessrs. Eugene AlcGuckin, chairman; Leo Gorman, A. J. Alaguire, Francis Aleaney and. W liliam AlcUhnn. Across the Schuulkill THE first dance of the Indians was held at the Belmont Cricket Club house on Tuesday evening. Those present were Aliss Adelaide Geary, Aliss Julia H. Hays, Aliss Alay AIcElroy, Aliss Alattie Aloxey, Aliss Carolyne Alont-. f ornery Aliss Ada Carrick, Aliss Helen I. Richter, Aliss Gertrude Helmbold, Aliss Jessie Al. Hays, Aliss Bertha Troem-ner, Aliss Gertrude Spangler, Aliss Helen Lawrence, Aliss Virginia West, Aliss Katharine Alumford, Aliss Emma Trex-ler, Aliss Helen K. Davis, Aliss Gertrude L. Graham, Aliss Ella AI. Stirling, Aliss Alice E. Graham, Aliss Edith D. Glass, Aliss Jean AlacNaughton, Aliss Anna Cornwall, Aliss N. ShaWj Aliss Norma R. Stevens, Aliss Ida AI. "ioung, Aliss Pauline J. Elton and Alessrs. Clement K. Robb, J. E. Fisher, Henry B. Troemner, John AI. Young, George A. Grevemeyer, William E. Wilson, Azro D. Lamson, H. F. Smith, Franklin P. Beishlag, George H. Wobensmith, William W. Sketchley, J. Belcombe Thomas. Charles C. Lees, C. Dudley Saul, Jacob K. Smith, Jr., J. E. Harrison, J. Perry Simons, E. A. Bremer, Thomas R. Young, W. D. Bonsall, AI. T. Laciar, AI. C. Campbell, Walter J. Huber, R. AI. Ewing, E. Evans Graham, John C. ninwe. S. Robert Vanderbeck, Joseph F. Trainor, G. I. Vincent. The patronesses were Airs. Thomas B. Huber, Mrs. John P. Simons, Airs. J. Wesley Stoy, Airs. Howard Austin, Airs. James H. Young. A series of bi-monthly euchre parties will

Clipped from
  1. The Philadelphia Inquirer,
  2. 27 Nov 1898, Sun,
  3. Page 24

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