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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 26, 1938 L Held for Kentucky Murder I C. I. 0. Charges Firm Backed Employees O A a c d ID Oil HELD m I NLRB HERE MURDER WASHINGTON, June 25 TJ. P.). The right of the American Rolling Mill Co. to sponsor lis rmplojws for election to municipal onicrs at,,, Kv.. wits rliiillnisrr by the Na- Na- innai t.iihnf Relations Board today as It prrprtred for an "unfair labor practices" hearing against tne company. company. OcorKP Boknt. board trial examln- examln- I. i .1.. ...mnUInt nnnlmt pr, win near i'""i""""' the company, which Is headed by Charles R. Hook, president of the National Association of Manufaetur- Manufaetur- ' ers, at a hearii g in Catlettsburg, Ky ' beginning Monday. KICHBt nCi DEFKNDS : Hook in a member of President Roosevelt's commission to study British British and Swedish labor legislation this summer. Donald It. RlchberK, former NUA idmlnlstrator and counsel for Armco, declared the board's romplaint, Issued on rhai'RPs by the C. I O . was directly directly opposite from (lie C, I. OAs stand In its conflict with Mayor Frank Hawie of Jersey City. One portion of the NLRB complaint complaint assorts that the company: "Did Dttenipt to dominate and Influence Influence the municipal administration administration of the city or Ashland, Ky., by sponsoring for public othre In wild municipal Administration Us executive executive and supervisory employees and did dominate ami influence falcl municipal ndministralkm throunh nald executive and supervisory employees employees so as to effect anti-union anti-union anti-union policies and retard union organization organization and collective bargaining In the community." COMPANV IMON ALLEGED ' The board complained that the company had dominated and sponsored sponsored "tho Ashland Armco plan of employee representation" and had discharged or discriminated agaln&t 31 C. I. O. members. : It charges that the company "did shadow and spy on, brutally assault ana oeat organizers oi tne uiuun ami : Interfere with the efforts of said ent's employees." :. The company Is accused of breaking breaking Into the C. I. O. headquarters to "examine, pilfer and carry away its records, documents and membership rolls;" and of employing labor spies. The NLRB said the company stationed stationed company police and armed guards outsida union meetings to "intimidate" "intimidate" workers. C. It. Murray, assistant to President President Hook, asserted that if the charges were sustained "then we no longer have free speech In this country country and we may as well know it." T. II. T. JJtidRe Closed The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.'s bridge across Darby Creek near Esslngton, Pa., was closed by the engineering engineering office of the War Department Department for two days yesterday for the purpose of replacing a broken casting casting on the A-frame A-frame A-frame supporting the swing drawapan. The bridge will be re-opened re-opened re-opened tomorrow. f 1 r I V 4 ' i M v IS,1" , 3 (Ilvdfi Elswick as he was arraipned in the Central Police Police Station, City Hall, charged with the murder of his brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law in Kentucky. lie was captured after a two-day two-day two-day search as he passed in front of the 22d and Hunting Tark police station. Reach Settlement In Hosiery Strike NORTHAMPTON, Mass., June 25 (A. P.). Settlement of the two- two- monlh-old monlh-old monlh-old Propper-McCallum Propper-McCallum Propper-McCallum Hosiery Hosiery Co. labor dispute, which has kept 750 out of work, was announced today by the company In a statement statement which disclosed the retirement of four trustees In favor of new board. Meeting with representatives of the American Federation of Hosiery Workers today, the new board, head ed by Prof. Howard A. Meyerhoft, of Smith College, reached an understanding understanding whereby the mills would reopen reopen Monday for part-time part-time part-time opera tion. Alderman Sidney F. Smith, Clark Tobln, vice president and sales man ager of the hosiery concern; Theodore Theodore F. Behrlnger, Smith Agricultural Agricultural School professor, and George B. McCallum comprise the new board. Court Tells C.I.O. To End Sit-Down Sit-Down Sit-Down DES MOINES, la., June 25 (TJ. P.). Federal Judge Charles A. Dewey today ordered the District Court of Jasper county to enforce an injunction injunction preventing members of the C. I. O. from trespassing on property of the closed Maytag Washing Machine Company plant at Newton. The ruling meant that 350 C. I. O. members who have been holding the plant, since Thursday must move out or face citation for contempt of court. Judge Dewey held that Judge Frank Bechley, of Jasper County District Court, had Jurisdiction in issuing the injunction. "It is entirely up to Judge Bechley to determine whether the workers inside the plant are violating terms of the injunction," Judge Dewey said. He gave the C. I. O. until July 11 to ask him to reconsider his order. The 350 workers in the plant are members of the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers Union, ft C. I. O. affiliate. They barricaded the doors and have refused to let anyone enter. Kentuckian, Captured By ParkGuards,Says He Killed Brother A gangling Kentucky mountaineer, captured In Philadelphia after two-day two-day two-day hunt, faced Magistrate Jacob Dogole yesterday in Central police court and admitted slaying his brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. "I reckon I did it," the prisoner drawled. "But it was an accident. The gun Just went off." Dogole held the man, Clyde Elswick, Elswick, 26, native of Catlettsburg, Boyd county, Ky., without bail lor the Kentucky authorities. He is charged with the murder of Estll Littleton, at CatlctUsburg during a family "Jubilation" last week. He admitted he and his brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law had been drinking corn liquor and had had a "little argument." CAPTURED BV GUARDS Elswick was on his way to his home In Brooklyn in the. dead man's auto mobile when he was captured by Park Guards who recognized the Kentucky license plates and chased the machine two miles before halting halting the fugitive at 22d st. and Hunting Hunting Tark ave. In the machine was found a .33 calibre pistol with two shots fired. Elswick said he had planned to see his wife, Dorothy, and their children, Jean, 6, and Maureen. 2, and then to "blow my brains out with this same gun." Elswlck's car was spotted by Park Guards Quintis Ray and Thomas Dennis at 6.30 A. M., on the East River dr. near Ntcetown la. and the chase ended in front of the 22d St. and Hunting Park ave. police station. station. The fugitive stepped from the car with his blue serge coat slung over his arm and his shirt unbuttoned at the neck. He said he had been visiting visiting his parents in the South and had found the pistol in a trunk. "I showed the gun to my brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law and asked if it was his," Elswick said. "It went off." Police said the prisoner signed a statement concerning the shooting and had agreed to return to Kentucky Kentucky to face the charges. Help Kidneys von i iaxe urauic Dings Your Kldnen eonttln t mlll'un tint tubri or fllttri which may be endanKerrd by nrs- nrs- 11 functional disorder, of Hit Kldtirii or .no.....:, in.., juu auurr uom uetun op NUM8. Nmomnm, l pmi, circlet Under Hyet. Dlr-iinen. Dlr-iinen. Dlr-iinen. Backache, Swollen Jnlnte E.r.i, KAim D. to -. -. .sv.u,.., ul ..I,,,,,,,,, rMBva, don't rely on ordinary medlelnea Plant tuch troublea with the doctor'a precrlo-tlon precrlo-tlon precrlo-tlon 'y,lei. Cyalot atartt workUit In t noura ana muit prove entirely aatltfaetorr in I ween, and be enactly the medlclnt you need o. mniu. hirb la ..... p-.t p-.t p-.t nhona ymir druaaUt (of fyalea (Slu-tei) (Slu-tei) (Slu-tei) :oday. The (uarantea protect, you. ii livJ liJ ooo WILL ! 8 Vl8iMijB fl mmXimlm v:t'4s', !SW 1 13 ;5 w'

Clipped from
  1. The Philadelphia Inquirer,
  2. 26 Jun 1938, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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