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 - Paul Robeson Urges Full Aid to Russia as Youth...
Paul Robeson Urges Full Aid to Russia as Youth Congress Opens Before a wildly cheering audience at the opening session of th American Youth Congress here last night, Paul Robeson, noted Negro singer, urged the United States Government to give "the fullest and completest" aid to the Russian people. "This people, he said, "will tear Fascism out by the roots. They know why and for what they are fighting." 2400 AT MEETING A crowd of 2400 persons, 800 of them delegates to the seventh annual Youth Congress, filled Town Hall, 150 N. Broad st., to the doors, and flowed out into the lobby at the opening session, to which the public is admitted. For the next three days, debates and panel discussions will be held by the delegates themselves, representing representing 300 youth organizations. ISSUE OF COMMUNISM The perennial Youth Congress issue issue of Communism is expected to emerge in these sessions, although the convention opened without the usual representation of opposition elements. Last night's rally was strictly patriotic patriotic and was opened by the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner." Radical magazines were on sale at the doors, however, and among the audience sat Anna M. W. Penny-packer, Penny-packer, Penny-packer, Philadelphian who is co-owner co-owner co-owner of the Communist newspaper Daily Worker. HITCH-HIKING HITCH-HIKING HITCH-HIKING DELEGATES Delegates to the congress had ridden ridden by bus and train, and many had hitch-hiked hitch-hiked hitch-hiked from all part of the country. Some arrived late and sat on the platform with their luggage still beside them, unable to find places in the filled auditorium. Robeson was one of several speakers speakers last night, the others coming from Canada, China and India. The Negro baritone was engulfed by applause when he opened his remarks remarks by saying: "I am happy tonight tonight that Fascism has come to grips with the one Power that will give it no quarter. KNOW THEIR SPIRIT "I have been in the Soviet Union, and I know the spirit of those people. They know why and for what they are fighting. If the other nations now fighting Fascism had made an honest approach to the Soviet Union, there would be no war today. "The English ' people also will struggle valiantly against Fascism with the Soviet Union. Of the common common people of England, 85 percent were opposed to the appeasement policies of former Governments." He then urged this country to render render full aid to the Soviet Union, so it could "tear Fascism out by the roots." CHINESE SPEAKER Liu Liang-Mo, Liang-Mo, Liang-Mo, a Chinese speaker, also expressed confidence that Russia Russia would win, and called on this country to "stop its partnership in mass murder." He was referring to the sending of American oil to Japan. Kenneth Woodsworth. executive secretary of the Canadian Youth Congress, depicted war-time war-time war-time conditions conditions in Canada, and said "free speech, a fre press and the right of trial have been suspended" in the Dominion because of the war. Jack McMichael. chairman of thi Youth Congress, began his introductory introductory remarks by reading a portion of the Declaration of Independence. TEACHERS TO PUDGE S Continued From First Page ernment of the United States" by other than constitutional means. In appropriating $20,000 to support the work of the commission in the "defense of democracy through education," education," the organization designated designated one-half one-half one-half of that sum for combatting combatting by radio, press and other means "various groups opposed to education" education" and called for the maintenance of public support of education, despite despite defense spending. "The marked increase of taxes which accompanies national defense expenditures," declared a statement citing the need for a special commission, commission, "tends to create strong pressure pressure to reduce school casts and will be used as an excuse by numerous local, State and national taxpayers associations to reduce taxes without regard to results." 'CLOAK OF SUBVERSIVE One delegate, Abraham Lefkowlts, a Brooklyn. N. Y., high school principal, principal, declared from the convention floor that "merchants' bureaus and chambers of commerce" were opposed to expenditures for schools and that other organizations "under the gulss of flag-waving flag-waving flag-waving want to undermine our schools." "Neither freedom of speech nor academic freedom should be used as a cloak . for activities or teachings subversive to the principles and Ideals of the United States," asserted an adopted resolution. SEEK FEDERAL AID Another condemned aM groups tending "to hinder or disrupt the defense program." Calling for Federal aid for education education with funds to be distributed through various State department, the convention recommended that "all possible caution should be used by the Federal Government to avoid duplication of effort by agencies established established because of the emergency, and asked that such agencies "b continued only for the duration of the defense emergency." For light on current business problems, turn to "Business" by B. C. Forbes, on financial page. Nazis Active Here, Dies Agents Charge Continued From First Psgs groups!" exhorts one of the instruction instruction sheets, "Switch conversations from Roosevelt or the draft to Germany, Germany, its people, its great Fuehrer and its great future." Included in the sheets are biographies biographies of Nazi leaders. The Dies Committee spokesman said the new organization has had its headquarters in Philadelphia since ENEMIES IN SCHOOL

Clipped from The Philadelphia Inquirer04 Jul 1941, FriPage 3

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)04 Jul 1941, FriPage 3
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